We know that life gets busy, especially when all those time-consuming little jobs clog your day. Wish you had a dedicated personal assistant service to help you out? Well, now you have one with Blue Sky.

Personal Assistant

We all lead busy lives, which is why this dedicated personal assistant service is our most used and valued offering. This is your helpline for those time-consuming tasks you never get to, and with our international network it means there’s always someone to help, no matter where you are.

Shopping Assist

With just one quick call, your shopping assistant will find any information, product or service you need. Whether it’s one-of-a-kind jewellery or a reliable builder, we’ll locate what you are looking for and where possible, we’ll negotiate the best price for you.

Assist Services

When life throws you a curve ball, we’re on hand to give expert assistance and practical support. Call us when you have a car or home emergency, rely on us for financial advice and we’re even here to share the burden and make funeral arrangements on your behalf.