Life is for the living! Go walking, go dancing, go cheer your local sports team. Blue Sky will help you organise any fun activity, whether you want to take your family, your friends or you choose to go on your own.

Health and Wellness

Staying fit and healthy are an important part of life, so if you need to find a gym close to home or want to know running routes in your area – just call Blue Sky. When it comes to pampering, we’ll also organise spa appointments, book hair appointments or find any specialist you need.


It’s good to keep busy, so whether you want to meet friends at a new restaurant, take the kids on a river rafting adventure or plan an anniversary weekend trip to a national park, blue sky can help you make all the arrangements.

Events and Concerts

See your favourite local band performing live, get access to acclaimed shows you’re interesting in watching or support your national football side. We can provide you with all the essential information you need and make the bookings.